Orange County Grantmakers advances equity by creating strategic alignment and cultivating transformational relationships and leadership among OC philanthropists and nonprofits.

The OCG is not, itself, a grant making organization. There is no OCG grant application or funding cycle. OCG members, however, occasionally do pool their funds in support of a regional initiative or project, such as the annual Summit for Nonprofit Leaders.

The OCG is a fiscally sponsored initiative of Charitable Ventures Orange County, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization which provides accounting and administration support to collaboratively funded OCG projects.

The agenda of the OCG, and its areas of focus, are set by the members themselves. Through discussion and debate, OCG members identify current issues facing the community and challenges facing the nonprofit sector. If an issue requires either research or sustained discussion, a work group is formed to meet outside of regularly scheduled meetings to continue the momentum on the topic. Among past and current work groups, the following topics have been explored and/or implemented: Technical Assistance, Capacity Building, Homelessness, Leaders Summit, Job Development, Census, Loan Funds, and Financial Resources.

The OCG is consistent in its focus on strengthening the sector through effective philanthropy.  Work groups meet regularly when working on projects, but can go on hiatus throughout a given year.

As mentioned above, the OCG does not have an open grant cycle, but may provide funding to individual nonprofits or regional initiatives in support of a critical community issue. Examples include funding for the County’s Winter Transitional Shelter Program and direct grants to several nonprofit organizations specifically to bolster capacity.

The OCG does not offer a mechanism for receiving unsolicited proposals or requests. Funding is determined by the initiatives launched by members.

Quarterly member meetings are dedicated to information sharing, topical presentations, and work group updates. Some nonprofits have been asked to present to the members to help educate regional grant makers on critical community issues. The presentation agenda is driven by the focus of the members, and is not an appropriate forum for organization-specific presentations.

No. Member forums are for members only.

Each year the summit grows larger a we welcome more members of our community. If you do not believe you are on the invitation list please sign-up for our e-news using the link at the bottom of the page. All are welcome. 

Learn more about our membership by visiting our membership page.