Through the strategic equity planning process, Orange County Grantmakers has developed an equity framework which is the basis for our equity commitments and goals. We understand that issues surrounding equity are complex and will constantly evolve. This equity framework is meant to anchor strategic decisions in a shared understanding of equity, while at the same time providing space for continued growth and development. The framework includes an identification of root causes of inequity, drivers of equity, our evolving definition, and a perspective on collective strategies.

Orange County Grantmakers (OCG) envisions an Orange County where philanthropists and nonprofits work together as partners to achieve equity for our most impacted communities.

Orange County Grantmakers advances equity by creating strategic alignment and cultivating transformational relationships and leadership among OC philanthropists and nonprofits.

Equity Framework: From Inclusion to Justice

Orange County Grantmakers recognizes that equity requires the alignment of systems and relationships to move from inclusion towards justice.


Impacted communities gain access and/or opportunities to participate in decisions that affect their lives



Impacted communities gain a non-token seat at the decision-making table


Impacted communities gain the authority and resources to set their own priorities and make their own decisions


Equity Framework: Advancing equity from direct services to systems change advocacy

Strategies must be aligned to impact root causes of inequity, and there is a role for everyone.

Making systems work equitably (e.g., policies to increase the amount and accessibility of affordable housing)

Building capacity to navigate existing systems (e.g., how to navigate affordable housing programs)

Addressing immediate needs (e.g., by providing rental assistance or legal representation)

Root Causes
of Inequity

Increasing impact from individual to community

of Inequity

OC Grantmakers makes the following commitments to advance equity

OCG will apply these commitments to strategic planning and ongoing programing decisions. OCG will work with philanthropists to consider how they might apply these commitments within their own varied spheres of influence, including personal and institutional.

Orange County Grantmakers invites philanthropists to join us on our journey to create a more equitable Orange County through:

8 Equity Goals

Goal #1

Create Power Sharing Spaces with the Nonprofit Community

Goal #2

Align OCG Affiliate Groups Around The OCG Equity Commitments

Goal #3

Serve as a Hub for Funders to Connect to Organizations doing Equity Work

Goal #4

Target Outreach for Capacity Building and Training to Undeserved Geographies and Demographics

Goal #5

Advance Equity Internally and Externally by Integrating a Focus on Equity, Justice and Systematic Racism Into all our Programming

Goal #6

Promote Best Practices

Goal #7

Engage with Native Nations

Goal #8

Develop a Sustainable Leadership Pipeline for Bipoc Foundation Leaders and Staff