Effective Philanthropy

Through the lens of the Orange County Equity Profile, OCG supports public policies and initiatives that lead Orange County to a more equitable future. We envision a vibrant philanthropic sector that recognizes community driven solutions and cross-sectional opportunities. OCG’s policy work leverages efforts of our individual members and our collective membership while serving as a convener of philanthropic leadership. We serve to drive collaborative efforts across sectors, partner groups, business, government, and nonprofit leaders.

The following policy principles help guide our policy agenda across our four key issue areas of Health, Housing & Homelessness, Immigration and Education & Workforce Readiness:

  1. Orange County Grantmakers will voice our leadership on key critical community issues facing Orange County, CA
  2. Orange County Grantmakers will advance public policies that support effective philanthropy and a high performing nonprofit sector
  3. Orange County Grantmakers will advocate on behalf of a vibrant, equitable and inclusive community

Orange County Grantmakers recognizes that no issue stands truly alone. We acknowledge the impact racism has on our community at large, as a public health issue and as an issue tied to systemic inequities. We stand against hate and incendiary speech, and commit to uplifting advocacy and community engagement activities across communities historically divided by race and/or culture. And we support and advocate for viable solutions that will address these root causes of racial inequity and the social determinants of health in Orange County as well as ensure an equitable recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.


Specifically, Orange County Grantmakers support the following public policy strategies:  

  • Health
    • o Support practices and policies that recognize the role of racism in health inequities
    • o Support practices and policies that address racism and social determinants of health, including but not limited to conditions such as socioeconomic status, education, neighborhood and physical environment, employment, social support network, access to care, etc.
    • o Support evidence-based health practices and policies that helps strengthen community health and wellness
  • Housing & Homelessness
    • o Seek the elimination of homelessness in Orange County, working towards viable and accessible options for every Orange County community member experiencing housing insecurity
    • o Support proactive policies geared toward preventing homelessness
    • o Support equitable policies that ensure vulnerable communities are provided with adequate resources and affordable housing opportunities
  • Immigration  
    • o Support policies that recognize that the integration of immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers and migrants into the economic and civic life of local communities is essential to the county’s prosperity
    • o Support immigration policies that provide fair and humane treatment of all residents
    • o Recognize the need for multiracial advocacy work within the regional immigration ecosystem
  • Education & Workforce Readiness
    • o Support practices and policies that provide equitable access to post-secondary and workforce readiness opportunity for all Orange County students, recognizing the vital connection education has to future earnings and social mobility
    • o Advocate for investments in high-quality and equitable early childhood education, recognizing the long term benefits of ensuring early intervention and its connection to future success
    • o Support investments in education that ensure a diverse, inclusive and well-prepared workforce to support Orange County’s economic vitality


OCG takes a straightforward and transparent process to approving all public policy issues:

We encourage any member looking to bring an issue to the OCG Public Policy Committee review the Policy Decision Filter: